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“Without the true stories of ourselves, we are just a collection of cells and electrons with base instincts and no real path to evolution.”

M Colin Alston

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260 million years in the future, mankind has regressed into another brutal iron age. The order of the VICE WOMB, a matriarchal religious cult is bent on controlling the masses. Kept from using the Direct Utilization of Small Technologies, Danso, a disabled slave serves within the order’s sanctuary, waiting for the opportunity to kill his narcissistic wife, priestess Nissa, who murdered his true-love, Gho’a. The order seeks to terminate Danso when news of Nissa’s arrival reaches him. He must find a way to reconnect with the D.U.S.Ts. and survive long enough to take his revenge or perish.

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What Are People Saying...

Excellent reading.. I loved this book...Very well written

Colette Ann Bizzoco

Vice Womb Age puts a spin on the typical post apocalyptic narrative by blending swords, sex and science genres into one very unique, detailed and immersive coming of age story. Great first novel by this newbie author. I can't wait for Volume 2!!!

Teddy Hatwood

This first book in the Vice Womb series is a great entrance into A Relieving Earth and Pain saga. The character development is really rich and among the backdrop of science fiction. This characters pull you in and I found myself wanting to keep reading because I started to want to know more about them. Hats off to Alston on a good debut!

Andre Mullen

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