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A Little Bit About Me...

Contrary to popular belief, doubt can drive an individual to produce great success in one’s life. This is the story of author and illustrator, M Colin Alston. Often told that he wouldn’t succeed in life and filled with words of doubt, it’s the sense of doubt and self-consciousness that drives the budding author to pursue his passions even harder. M Colin Alston’s story of perseverance helped shape him into the person he is today.

“Without the true stories of ourselves, we are just a collection of cells and electrons with base instincts and no real path to evolution.” – M. Colin Alston

M Colin Alston began his journey in the field of art attending Pratt Institute School of Art and Design, where he studied computer design. It was there that the passion for fine arts, 3-D modeling, design and multimedia was birthed. His work with At-Risk Youth lead to the creation of book and art designs and consulting.

While working as the Creative Director and Production Assistant of Direct Press Modern Litho, Alston was a recipient of the American Graphic Design Award. He was recognized for excellence in communication and graphic design for the Modern Advantage Ad Are you Puzzled by New Media?” Alston also received the American Graphic Design Award for his character logo work for “Nick the Worm” by Jane Products.

Alston is also the recognized for his work with The Bureau for At-Risk Youth for his work on the 47th Columbus International Film & Video Festival for Do The Right Thing multimedia series and Dealing With Violence At School.

It was along this journey that Alston’s appreciation and love for Sci-Fiction novels was birthed. The art of storytelling and drawing collided and his debut novel “Vice Womb Age: A Reliving Earth and Pain Vol.1” was birthed.